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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

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C .G. Sands

C. A. Matejka

C. Cherry

C. Crane

C. D. Thompson

C. Donahue

C. Fitzsimmons

C. H. F. Plummer

C. H. Frame

C. H. Stensholl

C. H. Woodruff

C. Hebard

C. J. McCallum

C. McVea

C. Reiss Coal Co.

C. W. Elphicke & Co.

C. W. Morse

C.A. Poling

C.C. Wheeler

C.F. Bird

C.H. Bradley

C.H. Jenkins

C.J. Fix

C.M. Reed et Alii

C.W. Bryson

Cabitaggio Cisterniero

Calcite Transportation Co.

Calvin Co.

Cambria Steamship Co.

Cameron & Whitney

Campania Chileana de Navigacion Interoceanica


Campbell & Owen

Canada Atlantic Transit Co.

Canada Interlake Line, Ltd.

Canada Pacific Railway

Canada Steamship Lines

Canada Trust Co.

Canada-Cuba Line (Mathews-Playfair)

Canada-Cuba Line, (Playfair)

Canada-Lake Superior Transit Co.

Canadian - St. Lawerence Navigation Co.

Canadian D. & D. Co.

Canadian General Electric Co.

Canadian Government

Canadian Interlake Line

Canadian Lake & Ocean Navigation Co,

Canadian Lake Transportation Company, Ltd.

Canadian National Railway

Canadian Navigation Co.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Sealakers, Ltd.

Canadian Steamship Lines

Canadian Towing & Wrecking Co.

Canonie Corp.

Capital Transportation Co.

Capt. A.E. Goodrich

Capt. H. Robertson

Captain L. L. Hill

Cargo Carriers, Inc.

Carrow Towing Co.

Carter & Cook

Casper, Edgar & Co.

Cayuga Steamship Co.

Central Dredging Co.

Cephalonian Maritime, Ltd.

Champlain Transportation Co.

Charcoal Iron Co. of America

Charguers, Unis, Inc.

Charles E. Sorenson

Charles F. Mann

Chequamegon Bay Transportation Co.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway

Chesbrough Brothers

Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.

Chicago Lumber Co.

Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co.

Chicago, Racine & Milwaukee Line

Chicago, Saugatuck & Douglas Trans. Co.

Chippewa Timber Co.

Chr. Gran

Chris-Car-Ala Corp.

Cia Aramtoriale Palermitana "Cabrilla" S.A.

Cia Argentina de Transportes Maritimas

Cia de Muelles de la Poblacion Vergara

Cia de Navegacao Yung Tick, Ltd.

Cia de Navegacion Marina

Cia Genovesa De Nav. A Vapore

Cia Internacional de Productos

Cia Petrolera "Ulises" S.A.

Cie De Nav. Francais Chinoise

Cie Generale Transatlantique

Cisterniera Azionaria Sicula Adriatica, S.P.A.

Cities Services Oil Co.

City of Detroit

City of Duluth

Clark Oil & Refining Co.

Clark Towing Co.

Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Co.

Cleveland Steamship Co.

Cleveland Tankers, Inc.

Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co.

Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Co.

Coastalake Tankers

Coastwise Steamship Co.

Colonial Steamship Co.

Colonial Steamships, Ltd.

Colonna Shipyard

Columbia Steamship Co.

Columbia Transportation Co.

Columbia Yacht Club

Columbian Transit Co.

Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co.

Construction Materials Co.

Continental Steam Ship Co.

Continental-Indies Steamship Co.

Corporation of City of Three Rivers


Craig & Adams

Crawford Tug Co.

Crescent Trans. Co.

Crescent Transportation Co.

Cris-Car-Ala Corp.

Crosby Car Ferry Co.

Crosby Tranportation Co.

Croxton Steamship Co.

Crystal Beach Transit Co.

Culver Line

Cunningham & Co.

Cyprus Merchants' Shipping Co.

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