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"Crossing the Bar"; "He Is Risen, As He Said"; "The Last Leaf"; A Word to Friends, Alumni and Students; Aeronautics; Alumni; American Drama; Chamber Music Association; Detroit's Young Men; Education; Electrolysis and Commerce; Elizabethan Drama; Emerson McMillin; In Memoriam; In the Gloaming; Lasting Peace; Law; Macauley and the Reform Bill of 1832; Modern French Drama; Modern German Drama; Music; Philomathic Notes; Robert Louis Stevenson; Robert Southwell, S. J.; The 1916 J Hop; The College Magazine; The Emerson McMillin Engineering Scholarships; The Growth of Detroit's Concert Life; The Law Student and the State Bar Examination; The Medieval Drama; The Olden Story; The Trawler's Fate; Trade-Preparedness; U. of D. Chamber Music Association; U. of D. Double Quartette 1916; War's Cause


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