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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 21


Student editors: Allan, Lori E.; Cole, Brittany; Coleman, Nicole; Estes, Candyce; Fant, Kamara; Kawamba, Daniella; McFarland, Jasmine; Pink, Guilia; Yim, Nick

Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Freeman, Emily; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Alkatib, Shatha PA-S; Allan, Lori; Auten, Emily; Browning, Craig; Brush, David; Calkin, Nathan; Davis, Jasmine E.; Davis, Jasmine Elizabeth; Drumm, Kristen; Erpardo, Gina; Esper, Candise L.; Ettleman, Gregory; Gasso, Juana; Hauer, Amber; Holley, Stephanie Jessica; Ibrahim, Mohammad-Yasser; Muldowney, Michael; Nyugen, Trong; Odoefer, Alexander; Oster, Eleanor Ann; Pink, Giulia; Raiford, Johnathan; Schmidt, Ally; Sidunding, Ba; Sulieman, Noor; Thibodeau, Ian R.

Titles: A Day at Dag; A Dream; A Eulogy for Mother; A Place of Partition; A Poor Man's Hot Tub; Addictive Screen; Admiring Mortality; Amber Waves; Ash; Bath; Best She Could; Borderstate; Boy; Cathedral; Clock Tower; Conversations; Don't Play With Your Food; Dying Flower; Enigma; Father; Fifteen; Finding Balance; Flower; Huntress; I Just Don't Like You; It's a Fair Trade; Joffrey's Poem; Joie d'ê; Joie d'ê June 10th; June 10th; Late Night Session; Left Unfinished; Life filters through; Lost in Your Introspection; Lunchbox; Merry-Go-Round; My six-word memoirs; Nightfall; Nightshift; Ode to Mankind; Poisoned; Prologue to an Unpublished Manuscript; Purge; Raindrops; Ravenous; Re-Balance; Reverie; Running From the Dark; Sapling; Scrape the Tuna; Self; South Pier Light, South Haven; Starting Point; Storytelling; The Journey Through Life; The Lady with the Stump; The Only Way to Go is U.P.; The Return; The Smoking Nguns; There is a Patch of Rust; To Walk Backwards; tre seul; Tunnel Mountain Pass; Untitled; Vacation to a New State of Mind; View of Eastern Market; Where Saw Thing; Woman; \"There are Three Lost Continents. We are one: The Lovers\"

"Up to the Reader": Anticipatory Tensions in the Poetry of William Carlos Williams; fiction; image; non-fiction; poetry

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