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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 5



Student editors: Davidson, Christopher; Filimon, Stephany; Katsaros, Angela; Paciocco, Rita; Samluk, Melissa; Schulte, Kristin; Todd, Lauren; Young, Charlotte

Faculty advisors: Barry, Michael; Culik, Hugh; Rombes, Nicholas

Student & alumni contributors: Berkowski, Brandon; Cusick, Sheila; Darrow, Kathy; Davidson, Russell W., III; DeMaeght, S. L.; DeMaeght, Scott; DeSmet, Marc C.; Drobot, Bruce; Dudus, Jonathan; Fields, Chelsea; Jenkins, Herman; Jett, Nina; Langrill, Martha; Mohammed, Tonia; Puri, Sharad K.; Roberts, Sarah; Ross, David Aaron; Selasky, Bridget; Taylor, Steve

Titles: And Jesus Covered The Tip; Atomic Numbers; Barbie's Head; Chapter 5; Classified Ad; Dad; Easter Sputnik; Fairy To Kill The Father; interview; Lucky Devil; Mapping Mathematical Functions Onto Paul Auster's City Of Glass; Palm Reader And Subject; Rods And Cones; Sophie's System; The Big Bang; The Land Is Altered; The Love Song of J. Melba Dingle; Trafid (A One Act Play); Transgressions; Trees; Visions; White Boy's Burden

fiction; image; non-fiction; play; poetry

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