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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 4

Number: 1



Student editors: Antonuccio, Carmelina; Belin, Robert

Faculty advisors: Culik, Hugh; Kowalczyk, Richard; McDonald, James; Rombes, Nicholas

Student & alumni contributors: Alexander, D. B.; Davidson, Russell W., III; DeGenaro, William; DeMates, Cindy; DeSmet, Marc C.; Drobot, Bruce; Eaton, Angela; Henold, Mary; Howland, Andrea Merrill; Issa, Jenday; Mansour, Rebecca A.; Pederson, Jeff; Puri, Sharad K.; Ross, David Aaron; Santiago, Maria; Thomas, Nicole; Todd, Lauren; Toddy, Lauren

Titles: A Gay Sadness; Adoration; Agnostic; December; Downtown Detroit; Ellis Island: Broken Buildings and Broken English; food for thought; For the Love of Dwight, Danielle, and Gravitational Bovinity; God's Own Dictionary; Kentucky; Lament; Lem's Cartesian Self; Ma Dear; Man With Seven Cigarettes; Matt Renner Straddles Media; Monsters; Nappy; Papa J.; Perfect for a Long, Red Tuesday; Protective Tactical Services Incorporated; The Knoll; The Shark of Cyprus; Three Quests, Two Audiences, One Poem: A Discussion of Robert Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came"

fiction; image; interview; non-fiction; play; poetry

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