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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 2

Number: 1



Student editors: Houle, Anne K.; Jirkans, Elaine M.

Faculty advisors: Culik, Hugh; Kowalczyk, Richard; McDonald, James

Student & alumni contributors: Abramowitz, D. Chug; Akers, Don; Barrett, Kathlene; Brown, Mike; Clay, Shawn; DeMaeght, S. L.; Demps, Juliette; DeSmet, Marc C.; Downey, Paul; Dugar, Dewey; Farrelly, Karen; Grudzien, Karen; Howland, Andrea Merrill; Jikans, Elaine; Kordel, Moira; Kron, Karen; Mendel, Luan; Pedersen, Jeff; Stramecky, Chris; Taraskiewicz, Jean E.; Van Stipdonk, Brian

Titles: Anna Dreams; Birds At Dusk; Cascade; Falling Into the Great Wide Open Feminism and Creativity A Conversation with Kathlene Barrett; Fences; Foreign; Hedwig's Cemetery; Longhorns and Sissies; Love's Domain; Namesake; Nowhere Else To Go; Sand on the Linoleum Floor; Simians, Cyborgs, and Scientists; Summertime; The Autumn Goddess; The Muppet Master; The Talking Drum; Tired Eyes; To Pamela: February 14, 1993; Two-Together

fiction; image; interview; non-fiction; poetry

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