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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 3

Number: 1



Student editors: Ciesliga, William R.; Eichstaedt, Sheryl; Farrelly, Karen; Howard, J. Alane; McElgunn, Tim; Mohammed, Tonia; Worden, Scott

Faculty advisors: Culik, Hugh; Kowalczyk, Richard; McDonald, James

Student & alumni contributors: Antonuccio, Carmelina; Davidson, Russell W., III; DeGenaro, William; Houle, Anne K.; Lowman, Gwendolyn; McGowan, Colleen; Murphy, Celia; Shermiot, Charles; Sullivan, Christopher; Todd, Lauren; Weber, Paul Corbett

Titles: 1-911-Revolution; A Cat's Craving; A Grey-Brown Bird Sings to Me of the End; A Look Inside Tania Schroeder; And on the empty canvas I should paint; Avarice; Blow; Chapter 13; City of Florence; Crawling Graveworms: Oedipal Conflict and Intellectual Inhibition in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; Existing Piazza Plan; Flies in Her Rice Pudding; Gun; Harbor Morphology: A Concept Born of Lake Ontario and Architect; Incest Among the Ruins; Library Plan; medusa; No Pearly Gates; North Elevation; Piazza Santa Maria Novella; Please, a Bit More Prozac; Proposed Piazza Plan; Pulling Digits; Salt; Schitzm; Section; Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?; Solaris as Reflective Paradox; South Elevation; Stumparella; The Cut River Delta

fiction; image; interview; non-fiction; poetry

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