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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 18


Student editors: Bohn, Allison; Dalley, Trevia; Krupa, Sal; Libby, Sarah; Penner, Lauren; Ross, Jennifer; Schmidt, Ally; Smialek, Chelsea; Stycznski, Michelle

Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Ayala, Ryan; Berlin, Lauren; Booker, Quincy L.; Brown, Rockisha; Bryant, Sara; Davis, Angela; DeRoche, Michelle; Dorozan, Destiny; Green, Perrier; Hennessy, Patrick; Ibarra, Maria; LaVasseur, Laura; Levise, Ally; Miller, Jason; Nelson, Timmy; Osayande, Deonte; Provost, Thomas; Robinson, Jose; Scrimger, Emily; Shango, Rachel; Spaude, Sierra; Styczynski, Michelle; Wilt, Josh; Wyrembelski, Candise

Titles: 1114888; 4 Miles; A Juvenile Love; Abandoned Detroit; After[mass]; Age Gaps; An Omitting; Ancestry; Apple; Autumn; Awash in Nectar; Back Home; Be a Honeysuckle; Biographies; Blind in the Beanery; Caramel Macchiato Love; Cartoon; Death on the Porch Swing; Dirty Gold; Golden Touch; Group Thought; He is Everywhere; Hey, Dad; Home; How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes; Howl; Laughing Alone/A Sitcom; Letters to a Prison Yard; Memories in the Clothes; Mighty Mac; Motor City Treasure; My Lawn Frowns; Nighttime Escape; Nowhere Insight; Once Upon a Time; One Day at a Time; Peony Ribbon; Preening Cormorant; Purple; Red; Road Spell; Shattered; Sheets; Simple Mathematics; Skyline Ambassador; Skyline Swing; Sleep Talking; Sleeping Trains; Song for Carolina; Spiral; Steeple; Sticky Fingers Lucky Charm & Silly Boys; Strangle Me; The Boat Won't Fly; The Case of the Vanishing Lover; The Diseased; the Kite Always Sinks; The Morning After; The Spot; The Stupid Orange Chick; Tracks; Unpacking a Life; Untitled (Because we know it's better this way); Walking in the Garden; We are a Hug Sandwich; What it means to be "A Woman"; Which One Doesn't Fit In?; World Destroyers

biography; fiction; image; poetry

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