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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 16


Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Ansari, D'Marco; Arutoff, Alice; Bohn, Allison; Brown, Jason; Davidson, Tanya R.; Ellison, Alexis; Johnson, Kemael; Jones, Alex; Lachowski, Eric; LeBeau, Tessa; McGarry, Michael; McGarry, Michael J.; Osayande, Deonte; Paolini, Nina; Santarossa, Michael; Shafer, Jonathan; Spangler, B. S.; Thomas, Amy Marie; Ward, Andrew

Titles: 231 Eastlawn; A Summer Abroad; All I am; Arches; Beach Feet; Biographies; Boats; Carpathian; Castle in the Sky; Chalk and Hand; Chicago is for Daytrips, Detroit is Forever; Christmas Eve with the Joneses; Concrete Garden: An Allegory of a City; Cornerstone; Fishbird; Girl On Swing; Glow; Grams; Harold's Son; Her Boys; Hooded; How He Jive; In Dreams; In Memory Of The Cherrylawn Gang; Iron and its Environmental Footprint; Jane, Fight-Picking; Leaving Myself Behind; Levels; Linens; Love Through A Woolf's Eyes; My Goddess; Navy Pier; Nocturnal Photon Emissions; NYC; On Frankness; Orange Monsters of the Black Lagoon; Os Linhos; Peacock; Peacock in Black and White; Peel; Portal, Budapest; Rainwater; Samad, with the plump new bride; Spanish Landscape; Street Scene, Stockholm; Sunburn; The Great Forest of 10; The Hancock; The Median; The Word of the Cool, Book 2; Think Before You Speak; Visionary; Warsaw Central

biography; essay; fiction; image; non-fiction; poetry

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