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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 13


Student editors: Blasko, Danielle; Johnson, Stacy

Faculty advisors: Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Bazzi, Mary; Clark, Ciera; Davis, Erica M.; Domanski, Joe; donzetta; Guevara, Nicole; Hambleton, Roger; Johnson, Kemael; Karner, JoAnna; Konieczka, Heidi; Kowalczyk, David Edward; Lachowski, Eric; Leger, Garvey; Leonard, Nick; Michel, Deborah; Nolan, Ted; Reifert, Elizabeth; Schumack, Nicole; Shaffer, Sarah A.; Shumack, Nicole; Steffke, Christie; Szewczyk, Amy; Talbot, Ray; Urbanik, Christopher

Titles: A Lost Droplet of Water (For Agata); Absent Foot; An Old Man, Drifting; And the Winner is...; Beyond the Gray Sky; Biographies; Channel Surfing; cognitive-verbal translation dysfunction; Crackling; Creature Feature; Dedication; Dentistry; Droom: Dutch for Dream; Elevated; Exposed; Father's Day; Finding Jesus in a Cardboard Box; Flytrapped; Founded; Grass; Hallows Eve; Hartwell; Hawaiian Sky; In One Row; Ing; Inner Light Spectrum; Looks are Deceiving; Lower Woodward from 34 Stories; Main Street, 11:43 am; McIntyre; Meddle; No Place Left; Our Future is Bright; Packard: Folds; Packard: Reflections; Poverty; Recina; Robson Plaza: July 1, 2005; Sidelong View at the Window; Single Again; Smurf Jones; Soaked; Statler #10; tattoos last longer than romance; Terminology; The Night I Hyperventilated; The Olive Tree; The Only Way; The Spirit of Hagar; This Room Should be Blue; Untitled; Up Above; We Shall Rise Again: Solace in Broderick Tower; what I take with me; Word Painter; Your Gift is My Survival

biography; fiction; image; non-fiction; poetry

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