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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 10


Student editors: Karpala, Andrea; Rupersburg, Nicole; White, Hannah; Witkowski, D'Anne

Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Bacon, Erin; Barash, F. Phil; Blume, Nathan; Catledge, Luciana; Cooper, Nia; Dube, Alisson; Freeman, Emily; Karner, JoAnna; Kreager, Meika; Lukacs, Andras; McDuffee, Sara; McElgunn, Daniel; Nowakowski, E. A.; Schulte, Jessica; Scott, Syreeta; Sedman, Denise; St. Peter, Austin; Tanner, Amy; Votruba, Matthew; Wolfe, Dawn

Titles: Arrowhead; Because White Roses Mean Death; Biographies; Bits & Pieces of Life; Chair; Companionship; Cowboy Songs; Crash Diet; Dali-Illusions; Firdaus; Freedom Achieved; girl and boy on a drive home; Hanging On; Hunting Tactics; I Need An Atheist To Pray For Me; In Wyandotte; Interview with Jessica Schulte; Jim Crow; love; Macomb Daily Obituary; May The Sin; Metamorphosis; molly/rabbit proof fence leads; No Olives; Our Lady of All Saints; Poem House #1; Poem House #2; Poem House #3; Poem House #4; Poem House #5; Poem House #6; Poem House #7; Poem House #8; Possibilities; Reminisce; Sixth Grade Camp: October '89; The Cut; The Deer; The Rules for Men; Tunnel Vision; Untitled; Your Honor

biography; fiction; image; interview; non-fiction; poetry

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