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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 8


Faculty advisors: Culik, Hugh; Culik, Jennifer

Student & alumni contributors: Cameron, Kennth A. J.; Catledge, Luciana; Freeman, John; Gilchrist, Otis; Green, Will; Irby, Tracy; Joslen, Bill; Joslen, William; LaDuke, Joe; Morgan, Leslie; Pazur, Sarah; Rupersburg, Nicole; Rust, Erica; Sanchez, Jaime; Simon, Sara; Trombley, Paul; Van De Water, Julie; Witkowski, D'Anne

Titles: A Novel in Progress: Chapters Four and Five; Accidental Hopes; Beneath the Crucifix; Biographies; Diros; Downtown Orphans; Farmhouse; Funeral Oration; How I Almost Got An Internet Modeling Job; Indigo; Jazz Funeral; Mothership; Perfect Nurturing; Quarantine; Saving the Dead; Sightings; Take 2; The Floor of Play; The Morning After; The Un-Free Press: The Coercive Tool of the Southern Aristocracy; Unpregnant; White Lotus Blossoming; Who am I

biography; fiction; image; non-fiction; poetry

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