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[SIC] Student Arts Journal
Volume: 9


Faculty advisors: Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Blume, Nathan; Cobb, Melissa; Cooper, Nia; Cressey, Tony; Dick, Matthew; Figg, Jennifer; Freeman, Emily; Freeman, John; Guevara, Nicole; Ivory, Stacy; Justen, Philip; McKelvey, Mark; Nowakowski, E. A.; Papa, Linda; Pazur, Sarah; Poirer, Mary; Rockefeller, Donny Q.; Rupersburg, Nicole; Ruud, Amy; Sanchez, Jaime; Soderburg, Paul; Tanner, Amy; White, Hannah; Witkowski, D'Anne

Titles: 911-2001: A Digital Monument; A Just As Consoling Vision; A Winter Storm; Abstract People; Any Day in June; Barbed Wire; Biographies; Bugle Awaits Death; Change; Concrete Blocks; defiance; Dependant Individual; Direction Reflection; Disengaging; Evidence; Faucet; For Cy Morrisey; Formal Vernacular; Gaines; Glamour; Gun on Door; History of Motion; How to Master Neutral Mask; Lightening Bolts; Motor Oil and Red Ink; Nightmare; Overgrowth; Reigns; Relics; Sing Me to Sleep; Stir; The Lover's Search; Them; This Body (A Love Story); train; Trash; Untitled; Utility Pole; Watery Confusion; Winter Memory; [Blind Justice?]

biography; fiction; image; non-fiction; poetry

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