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A Belt of Text

A Bramble, a Bush

A Cat's Craving

A Day at Dag

A Dream

A Dusty Ever After

A Eulogy for Mother

A Fond Farewell

A Gay Sadness

A Grey-Brown Bird Sings to Me of the End

A History Unforgotten

A Just As Consoling Vision

A Juvenile Love

A Letter to Fidelio

A Look Inside Tania Schroeder

A Lost Droplet of Water (For Agata)

A Luka: Time Line

A Moment of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, NY

A Novel in Progress: Chapters Four and Five

A Passing Fancy

A Place of Partition

A Poor Man's Hot Tub

A question of worth to a man who has none left:

A Shrine

A Speck in the Sky

A Stone Unturned

A Summer Abroad

A Time to Dance

A Time to Escape

A Winter Storm

A. M. War


Abandoned Detroit


Absent Foot

Abstract People

Absurdly Bizarre Randomness

Accidental Hopes

Addictive Screen

Admiring Mortality


After the Sparkle: Pixel Dust Remix


Age Gaps




All I am

All I Am

Almost a Fantasy

Almost Transmigration

Almudena, Cathedral Crypt

altar boy

Amber Waves

Ambien(t) Mood

An Artist's Appreciation

An Exorcism

An Incomplete Education: The Interview [sic] on Patrick F. Parsons

An Ode to Kerouac

An Old Man, Drifting

An Omitting

An Overcast Day: Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

An Underlined Title



And Jesus Covered The Tip

And on the empty canvas I should paint

And the Winner is...

Angel Head

Angel's First Kiss

Anna Dreams

Anna One

Annual Expedition

Another Day, Another Rising

Antigua Building

Any Day in June


April 12


Ariel Blue

Aristocratic Prostitutes



As We Ride


Ask My Pronouns

At David's Funeral

At First Sight

At the Edge of Night

At the Gate

Atomic Numbers

Attention to Care



Awash in Nectar

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