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Poetic Express Volume 30

In 2015 I added around 260 images to this collection.  The POETIC EXPRESS marked its 30-year anniversary.  The library held an exhibition The Poetic Express in Context 1985-2015.  We also held an exhibit centered around the Halloween holiday.  In early Autumn, I was part of an Exhibit called What We Found at Detroit's Ellen Kayrod Gallery.  The other artists in the show were Tim Burke and Jennifer Gariepy.  It was generally a good and very busy year.

In May, my co-worker Derick Nelson was murdered.  He was a wonderful person and I dedicated page one of the May issue to him.  Also in May, I dedicated the poem the first number to the late, great Detroit musician Marcus Belgrave

Artist Nick Cave held a roving residency in Detroit.  This lasted for around three months.  I got to attend most of the events.  Dance, theatre, art, costume and community involvement connected and went somewhere else.

In August I visited New York City.  I always love to get to New York.  I've been there nearly every year since 1980.  It's usually just for a few days but I walk a lot and shoot photos.  I cover a lot of ground.

This year's poems included such titles as The Thing, Mystery World, new fable, the alliterative twice told, Speed Reading, Theatre Bones and the inclusive all of it, yes, all of it.

In December, the 29th annual dedication issue included the poems Rain in the Parlor for Paul Eluard, musically for Mary Lou Williams, When Civilization Comes for Luis Bunuel, old thread for Moondog, Ray for Dora Maar and message #2 for Jimi Hendix.

Personal favorites included Living Life in the World in Number 11, usage manual in Number 17, one Friday night in Number 18 and Silent Ways in Number 19.

SURREAL THEATRE topics included an invective seminar, the seasons and rhyming games.  Favorites include the comics in numbers 2, 6, 20 and 24.

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