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Poetic Express Volume 29

In 2014 I added around 340 image files to this archive.  In the Summer, I installed an exhibit called A History of Detroit's Visual Arts Scene.  This was here at this library.  It explored some of the early history including the creation of the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I drew on my own experience to chronicle the years from 1977 to 2014.  There were a great many art shows held at a wide variety of galleries and other venues.

One of the highlights of the year was getting to paint a truly gigantic painting.  It was for a show called BIG PAINTINGS at 333 Midland in Highland Park.  I had to climb on ladders.  For the sections too high for ladders, I had to paint that flat on the floor, upside down.  I used house painting rollers as well as the usual paintbrushes.  I titled the work Elemental Figures.

I kept performing with the Spaceband, including a show at the Dally in the Alley, in Detroit.

I did some puppet shows, most notably at a benefit at Crow Manor and at the Concert of Colors.

There were many cultural adventures.  I visited New York City.   Highlights of the trip included an exhibit on the history of children's books at the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.  I saw Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Germany, 1937 at the Neue Gallery.  I saw old movies and a Ray Johnson exhibit at the Mueum of Modern Art.  I got by the American Museum of Folk Art.  I walked around a lot, as usual.

Poems in The Poetic Express included such titles as artificial stardust, Rubbernecking, Truth Buckets, That Negation Stomp, accidentally on purpose, the wild people, Broken Song, repair to the moon, aimless aims and who's been feeding the vultures?

Number 11 dealt with words.  Number 21 investigated consumerism.

In December, the 28th annual Dedications issue brought cold truth for Muddy Waters, solid truth for Cecil Taylor, in a breath for Herbert Marcuse, vessel for Mary Shelley, menagerie for J.J. Grandville and Oh, Mysteries for Nancy Cunard.

Personal favorites included visitor in Number 2, elsewhere in Number 6, way out in Number 7, superstitions in Number 9, the wild people in Number 13 and creatures #1 in Number 19.

SURREAL THEATRE explored circles, echoes, music, animals, noise and strangers.  Favorites include the comics in Numbers 6, 12, 16, 18 and 22.


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