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Poetic Express Volume 26

In 2011, we added a lot of images to this site.  This included new sections on my Hudson's Building street art project, collages and pegboard drawings.  It was an interesting year, full of changes and transitions, more good than bad.  I was in three group art exhibits.  One, only lasted a day, but it was still good.  I kept drawing, painting, singing and making music.  Adventures!

In May, in issue Number 10, I wrote The Second Day, not at all like the First, in memory of Leonora Carrington, 1917-2011.  She was an amazing painter and writer.  I've read her great Surrealist tales and texts.  The SURREAL THEATRE in that issue was in memory of Don Lacoss, 1964-2011.  He was another important, young Surrealist.  I'd met him several times and exchanged a few letters.  He'd died in January, but I didn't hear about it until May.

Then, Detroit poet David Blair died.  I'd just seen him recently.  There was a street parade/ funeral march in his memory.  I was part of that.  I wrote Number 16's it's harmony for him.

In December, I assembled the 25th annual Dedications Issues.  In Number 23 I wrote for certain protesters, for the Occupy Wall Street movement.  money-curse is a comment on politics being tangled up with money.  thorrery times is a sort of nonsense poem for musician Sonny Stitt.  I wrote new chants in memory of Sam Rivers, who died at the  end of the year.  I'd seen him perform several times and he was one of my favorite jazz musicians.

In Number 24, I wrote comedy in a tube box for the ace comics of SCTV.  training wheels is for writer and artist Edward Lear.  Reaction is for John Coltrane.

Personal Favorites: include Number 1's search, Number 3's when we live inside the future, Number 4's where life stops to rest, Number 5's preamble #2, Number 7's on the move and too, songs I sing, Number 9's dreaming in place, Number 11's My Life, as I Take It, Number 12's Happy Streak and back then, Number 14's geometric refugee, Number 15's pocket full of tin and Number 20's observations.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 2 (a tasty poem), 6 (the citizens against the world), 8, 14 (Impossible Soup), 16, 18 (global warming) and 24.

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