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Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collections
Black and White Drawings Collection

Since 1976, Maurice Greenia, Jr. has completed thousands of black and white drawings ranging from the figurative to the abstract and experimental.


Collage Collection

Maurice Greenia, Jr. has long experimented with collage.  He enjoys the medium as a change of pace from drawing and painting.

Color Drawings Collection

Since the mid 1970's, Maurice Greenia, Jr. has executed hundreds of color drawings.


Hudsons Building Art Collection

In 1996 and 1997, Maurice Greenia, Jr. created around 500 chalk drawings all over the abandoned Hudson's Building in downtown Detroit. 

Index Card Collection

Maurice Greenia, Jr. has made over 6000 drawings on blank index cards. He came to this number by counting how many drawings were in a pile an inch thick, then multiplying this by how many inches of work he had.

Magnet and Pin Collection

Maurice Greenia, Jr. painted several hundred miniatures on magnets and pins. He'd take discarded political buttons or refrigerator magnets, and coat them with white gesso so the paint would stick better and not flake off.

Paintings Collection

Since 1977, Mr. Greenia has created hundreds of paintings, most on stretched canvas. Some canvases he bought or found ready to be painted, others he had to stretch and prime himself. He also uses canvas paper and canvas board, a primed canvas mounted on thick cardboard.

Pegboard Drawings Collection

In 1998, Maurice Greenia, Jr. did a series of small drawings on wood-backed samples of laminate and acrylic table top "finishes."  Their unusual textures and colors provided a unique surface to draw on.

Photography - Art Photos Collection

Since the 1970's Maurice Greenia, Jr., has taken thousands of photographs. This collection shares some of the more distinctive of these.

Photography - Street Photos Collection

Maurice Greenia, Jr. usually has a camera with him, in case an interesting photo presents itself.  He's part of the tradition where the photograper tries to develop his eye.  He's aware of light and shadow. He hunts for a good image.

Watercolor Collection

Maurice Greenia, Jr. also enjoys creating in the watercolor medium. Here, accidental and chance effects play a large part in the adventure of painting.

Yet - Sidewalk Art Collection

In the 1980's Maurice Greenia, Jr. started drawing all over Detroit streets. These works were done with good quality chalk. He continued this work through the 1990's and into the 2000's.

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