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Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collections
Outta Here!
Painting with Dividing Line
For Gerome Kamrowski
The Undeniable
Poetic Express Volume 17 Number 3
Horizon with Spectators
two figures, nearly touching
The Proudest One
Mechanical Being
Poetic Express Volume 5 Number 7
Figure with Grey Sky
The Cartographer’s Dream, 1998
Separating Figures, with Spectators
birdlike (February 25)

Maurice Greenia, Jr. is a native Detroit artist whose work grows out of the city; he lives in the artistic center of Detroit -- the Cass Corridor. Thousands of people see his work every year, but many do not know the artist nor the multitude of formats in which he works. This site is aimed at the preservation of his work, some of which cannot be physically preserved, and is viewable only in photographs; the chalk drawings on the old Hudson's Building being a prime example of work preserved only photographically. But to try to define what his artistic production has been and continues to be is almost impossible. Browse through the site and see the range of creativity in medium and expression, ranging from poetry to drawing to sculpture, with many stops along the way, and often involving found objects. Unless otherwise indicated, new works are being added to these collections on a regular basis.

Enjoy the work of a true urban artist, whose surrealist vision has responded to Detroit in both good and bad times with creativity and imagination.

If you have questions or comments on the collection, please contact Russell Davidson at:

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