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Commencement Collection

University of Detroit

Ninety Fourth Annual

Date (of event): 1977-05-14

Location: Memorial Building

University president : Carron, Malcolm T., Very Reverend, SJ

Deans: Baker, Warren J. -- College of Engineering and Science; Ito, Rikuma -- College of Business and Administration; Leon, Bruno -- School of Architecture; Nowack, Arlene T. -- School of Education and Human Services; Nowak, Arlene T. -- School of Education and Human Services; Porter, Thomas E., SJ -- College of Liberal Arts; Seid, Richard A. -- School of Law; Smudski, James -- School of Dentistry; Walters, Theodore W. -- Graduate School; Walters, Theodore W., SJ -- Graduate School

Invocation: Muller, Herman J., SJ

Honorary Degree Recipient: Barath, Desire; Caine, James, SJ; Craine, Clyde; Dowling, Edward, SJ; Freund, Clement; Kean, Helen; Kuhn, Alphonse, SJ; Martwick, Richard; Millar, Gordon; O'Neill, Michael; Randall, Dudley; Shontz, Patricia

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