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Commencement Collection

University of Detroit

Seventy Seventh Annual

Date (of event): 1960-06-16

Location: University of Detroit Stadium

University president : Steiner, Celestin J., Reverend, SJ; Steiner, Celestin J., Very Reverend, SJ

Deans: Britt, Lawrence V., SJ -- College of Arts and Sciences; Charbonneau, Louis H., SJ -- School of Law; Farrell, Allan P., SJ -- Graduate School; Fitzgerald, Lloyd E. -- College of Commerce and Finance Day Division; Freund, Clement J. -- College of Engineering and Architecture; O'Regan, William B. -- College of Commerce and Finance Evening Division; O'Regan, William B.-- College of Commerce and Finance Evening Division; Rochon, Rene, Dr. -- School of Dentistry

Invocation: Hartmann, Cletus F., SJ

Honorary Degree Recipient: Dougherty, John J., Rt. Reverend; Gales, Louis A., Reverend; Little, Thomas F., Very Reverend; Sheen, Fulton J., Most Reverend, D. D.

Commencement committee chair: Joyce, William Kelly

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