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Halloween Party

The Don Large Slide Collection contains multiple boxes of slides. Two of the boxes contain slides taken at a Halloween party in 1965. One group of slides is labeled, “Halloween Party 1965,” and the other is labeled “Halloween at Doughty 1965”. All images appear to be from the same event, and are shown here. This party appears to have taken place at the home of Vanetta Doughty who was the accompanist of the University of Detroit Chorus at this time.

Chorus member name: Baier, Chuck; Baranski, Christine; Baranski, Steve; Bates, Andrea; Bennett, Tom; Berg, Judy; Borovsky, Jerry; Brady, Pat; Bremer, Chip; Craven, John; Dolgner, Cora; Doughty, Gerald; Doughty, Vanetta; Ernzen, Phil; Gesinski, Frank; Goebel, Jim; Goleniak, Doris; Gruska, Greg; Jackson, Diane; Krister, Sue (Scubi); Krupansky, Jan; Kupstas, Juanita; Pettinger, Kathy; Riccobono, Bill; Roberts, Flossie; Schmitz, Bob; Shanks, Lou; Slowik, Joe; Smialek, Barb; Stuckey, Paul; Szkil, Connie; Taliaferro, Larry; Tokarski, Elaine

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