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University of Detroit Chorus Collection

During this academic year, the membership of the UD Chorus grew to 107 members. As noted in the Tower Yearbook, the Chorus performed 45 concerts under the direction of Don Large. By this time, the Chorus was viewed as a public relations tool in the media for the University. In addition, Don Large formed a small group of Chorus members called “The Singing Titans”. They performed at events when the full Chorus membership could not.

Besides performing on campus, the Chorus also performed at various churches and organizations within the metro Detroit area. There was also a concert given at the Milan Federal Prison, along with concerts in Flint, Chelsea, and Fremont, Ohio. The Singing Titans performed at the New York World’s Fair during this time. And it was during this year that the Madrigal Dinners were first established.

Chorus member name: Bender, Denny; Borovsky, Jerry; Bradfield, Trudy; Doughty, Vanetta; Edwards, Bob; Gesinski, Frank; Gruska, Greg; Haney, Mary; Large, Don; Matoshko, Velma; Neme, Marlene; Pettinger, Kathy; Serocki, Camille; Shumard, Clay; Slowik, Joe; Stuckey, Paul; Wetterstroen, Mary

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