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Ray's Cottage

This presentation is from a series of slides that were in a box containing materials from events that took place from 1964 to 1966. According to Don Large’s notes, this event is called “Ray’s Cottage 1966”. A review of the slides determined that this is a party, but there is no indication of who Ray is or where his cottage is located.

Chorus member name: Baranski, Christine; Berg, Judy; Brady, Pat; Duzzie, Rich; Ernzen, Phil; McBeth, Ray; Mistretta, Carol; Nanni, Dan; O'Neil, Fr. Richard; Pettinger, Kathy; Riccobono, Bill; Roberts, Flossie; Smialek, Barb; Soy, John; Tomazic, Terry; Whalen, Marge

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