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Spring Tour

This presentation is from a series of slides that were taken during the spring tour to Muskegon in 1963, and collected by Don Large. This description of the slides is based on a combination of notes written by Don Large and a review of the images themselves. The names are from a list of Chorus members found in the Tower Yearbook for this academic year.

Chorus member name: Baranski, Steve; Belrose, Russell; Bufka, Toni; Burns, Walter; Daigue, Gloria; Doherty, Mike; Doughty, Vanetta; DuMouchell, Rosemary; Dundorf, Mike; Fellrath, Virginia; Gauthier, Paul; Gerhardstein, Gerry; Haney, Mary; Hood, Holly; Ristow, Bev; Schueren, Kitty; Serocki, Camille; Shannon, Judy; Shumard, Clay; Sporer, Paul; Taliaferro, Larry; Tata, Fran; Teeven, Rick; Villaire, Dave

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