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Spring Tour

This collection of photos is from a box of slides Don Large saved from events that took place during 1964 to 1966. Don Large’s notes label this event as “Spring Tour 1966”. He identifies two locations where the Chorus performed: Fremont and Cuyahoga Falls.

The description of these slides is based on a combination of Don Large's notes and additional information gathered from the images themselves. The names of those pictured is based on this information along with the list of Chorus members during these years.

Chorus member name: Baranski, Steve; Bradfield, Trudy; Brady, Pat; Donahue, Dean; Duzzie, Rich; Ernzen, Phil; Kapron, Mitch; Kupstas, Juanita; McBeth, Ray; Riccobono, Bill; Roberts, Flossie; Schmitt, Dick; Stuckey, Paul; Taliaferro, Larry; Whalen, Marge

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