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The Don Large Slide Collection contains various events involving members of the UD Chorus. This event comes from a box of slides that contained events from the 1960-1961 era and consists of various rehearsals that were photographed.

Since the Chorus switched to blue blazers for the men in 1961, it is believed that this event took place in 1961.

These images shown here are from a rehearsal at the Student Union.

Images at the end are of the Chorus rehearsing at Rosary High School prior to a concert in 1961.

Chorus member name: Bender, Denny; Bezaire, Marianne; Castleberry, Tom; Cottrell, Dorothy; Crowley, John; DeCaluwe, Nancy; Dennehy, Judy; Doughty, Vanetta; Fox, Donna; Gerhardstein, Gerry; Gruska, Greg; Haney, Mary; Keenan, Tim; Large, Don; Moore, Kathy; Neme, Marlene; Richart, Judy; Ristow, Bev; Schueren, Kitty; Serocki, Camille; Shannon, Judy; Shumard, Clay; Tokarski, Elaine

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