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University of Detroit Yearbook Collection
University of Detroit Red and White. 1923
The Red and White 1924
The 1930 Tower
The Tower 1932
The Tower '47
1951 Tower
Tower 1953
Tower 1959
Tower '62
Tower '62
Tower '63
The Tower 1931
67 Tower
67 Tower
tower -- university of detroit 1968
tower -- university of detroit 1968
1972 tower
The Urban 1973 Almanac and yearbook -- A Guide to the University

The yearbooks represent a history of university organizations, activities, athletics, faculty, and graduates of the specified year as prepared from the perspective of students.  The University of Detroit first yearbook, Red and White, was published in 1923 and was launched with this write-up.

The maiden voyage of the RED AND WHITE marks an event as adventurous as it is thrilling.
Stowed in her holds are many valuable possessions. With her sails set and colors flying she leaves the harbor of 1923 – bound for the land of reminiscence.
The builders bid her God-speed as they stand on the shore – hopeful –expectant.

A yearbook was produced annually between 1923 and 1943 with production suspended during the war years of 1944-1946. Resuming in 1947 the yearbooks continued until 1988. There is no record of another yearbook being developed except for one single year, 1992 a representative of the newly formed University of Detroit Mercy.

The yearbooks have been named Red and White, The Tower, Tower, and Catapult. A fine ending to the yearbook productions is found in the 1992 issue which sums up the students university experience.

Through the seasons, year to year
We play, we work, we love,
Contouring our lives
Adding the texture that
Makes me and you so unique.
But despite our differences,
Some common threads
      Run through each of our years.
The essence of our being here,
Is the learning…
…the faculty, classes, and books…
This is the common framework,
The foundations from which we build
      the many textures of our lives.

The intent of this yearbook database is to preserve the history of the university, to make this unique material more accessible to everyone, and to give alumni an opportunity to sit back and remember the good times and exceptional education they received from this esteemed University.

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