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An Irish bride should carry an Irish linen handkerchief in her
wedding bouquet down the aisle. When she tosses her bouquet
(inclusive of her handkerchief) the girl who catches it will have
good luck. The young lady who caught it should then place it in her
wedding bouquet, and the next girl to catch it will have good luck.
The same tradition will be carried on from bride to bride.

Where learned: NEW JERSEY ; Woman in an Irish import store ; Stone Harbor

Subject headings: CUSTOM FESTIVAL -- Marriage Bouquet
BELIEF -- Marriage
BELIEF -- Good luck

Date learned: 08-00-1990

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The claddaugh is an Irish symbol of Love, Friendship and
Loyalty. It looks like two hands holding a heart, with a crown upon
the heart. The hands are friendship, the heart is love, the crown
is loyalty. This symbol is traditionally upon an Irish wedding
ring. This ring was created by a seafarer who had docked in the
town of Claddaugh, Ireland. While in port, he met a young maiden
and fell in love. He was in deep despair at the thought of leaving
her behind, so he went into the hills and designed and forged a
ring with this symbol upon it. He gave it to the maiden as a
symbol of his love, loyalty and friendship. Today this ring is
given upon the engagement of a couple and is worn with the heart
facing away from the woman. Upon their marriage, the ring is
turned around, with the heart facing the woman, indicating her
commitment (or his commitment, as this ring is also given as a
wedding ring to the man) to her husband.

Submitter comment: Claddaugh is pronounced klad-awe.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; Woman in an Irish import store ; Farmington Hills

James Callow Keyword(s): Claddagh

Subject headings: Favorites
PROSE NARRATIVE -- Product or activity of man or animal
BELIEF -- Marriage

Date learned: 00-00-1991

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