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"Death Certificate"

It's the nigga ya love to hate with a new song,
So what really goes on,
Nothin' butta come up,
But ain't that a bitch,
They hate to see a young nigga rich,
But I refuse to switch even tho,
Cause I can't move to the smella,
Cause soon as y'all get some dough,
Ya wanna but a white bitch on ya elbow,
Movin' outcha neighborhood,
But I walk through the ghetto,
And the flava's good,
Little kids jumpin' on me,
But you, ya wanna but white and corny,
Livin' way out; "Nigga Go Home!"
Spray painted on ya house,
Trying to be white or a Jew,
But ask yourself, who are they to be equal to,
Git the hell out!,
Stop being an Uncle Tom,
Ya little sell out!,
House nigga scum!,
Give somethin' back to the place where ya made it from,
Be true to the game!
Before ya end up broke,
Fuck around and get ya ghetto pass revoked!,
I ain't sayin' no names,
Ya know who ya are,
Ya little punk!
Be true to the game,
When ya first start rhymin',
It started off slow,
And then ya started climbin',
But it wasn't fast enough, I guess,
So ya gave ya other style a test,
Ya was hard-core hip-hop,
But looka' cha self boy!,
Ya done flip-flop,
Giving our music away to the main stream,
Don't cha know they ain't down with the team!,
They just sent their boss over,
Put a bug in ya ear,
And now ya crossed over!
On MTV, but they don't care,
They'll hava' new nigga next year!,
Ya out in the cold,
No more white fans and no more soul,
And ya might hava' heart attack,
When ya find out that black folks,
Don't wantcha back!
And ya know what's worse,
You was just like the nigga in the first verse,
Stop sellin' out ya race!
And wipe that stupid ass smile off ya face!
Niggas always gotta show they teeth!
Now I'ma be brief,
Be true to the game,
A message to the Oreo Cookie!
Find a mirror and take a look G,
Do you like whatcha see,
Butcha quick to pointcha finger at me!
Ya wanna be the big fish,
Ya little guppy,
Black man can't be no yuppy,
Ya put on ya suit and tie and ya good clothes,
Ya don't associate with the negroes!
Ya wanna be just like Jack,
But Jack is callin' you a nigga behind ya back,
So back off genius!
I don't need you to correct my broken English!
Ya know that's right!
You ain't white, so stop holdin' ya ass tight!
Cause ya can't pass,
So why ya keep tryin' to pass withcha black ass!
Mr. Big, but in reality you shorter than a mig',
Ya only gotcha self to blame,
Git a grip, Oreo, and be true to the game!

Submitter comment: Rap has been referred to as a trendy style of music, that
could not compete against the more traditional styles of music.
Soul, Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz and many others have to take a
back seat to this rising style of music. The media has placed
a dark veil of controversy around the Rap industry. Nevertheless,
Rap is a multi-million dollar business, giving the
more traditional forms of music stiff competition. It is and has
been a very pertinent part of black expression. Cliches from Rap
are finding their way to commercials, radio, and movies.

Where learned: Life experience

James Callow Keyword(s): African-American defectors to white commercialism rebuked

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Serious condemnation Scorn
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