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The Judson Mart family owns a farm on route 43, approximately
two miles outside of Amsterdam, Ohio. There is a small bridge on
a straight stretch over route 43 in close proximity to the Mart
farmhouse. Occasionally a frantic late night driver would come
pounding on the farm house door, asking to use the telephone to
call someone to pick them up. Most drivers were reluctant to
discuss what they had seen but the few details began to form a
pattern. The drivers had seen a misty form of what appeared to be
a young blonde-haired girl, in a white nightgown, standing in the
center of the bridge. Many drivers had crashed into the bridge in
an attempt to avoid hitting the young girl who quickly
disappeared. At times the crashes were fatal to the driver or
passengers in the cars. Judson Mart relayed that his grandfather
had told him that in the 1800s a young girl had drowned under the
original wooden bridge at the site. It was never determined if she
had been murdered or had drowned while playing there. These
sightings of the blonde young girl have occurred occasionally
from the 1800s until the present time.

Submitter comment: In 1992, the Judson Mart family still occupies the farmhouse
and occasional late night crash victims still tell of the

Where learned: OHIO ; Amsterdam

Subject headings: Favorites
BELIEF -- Ghost Spirit Phantom Specter
BELIEF -- Product or activity of man or animal

Date learned: 00-00-1958

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It is traditional in many areas of Ohio to go outside at
midnight on New Year's Eve and bang together pots and pans. This
will bring good luck throughout the coming year.

Where learned: OHIO ; Amsterdam

Subject headings: CUSTOM FESTIVAL -- December 31 New Year's Eve
CUSTOM FESTIVAL -- Typical Elements of a Festive Pattern
BELIEF -- Measure of time Year
BELIEF -- Bad luck

Date learned: 00-00-1956

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