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Did you hear about the hillbilly that got married?
He came home on his wedding night and his dad asked
him why the hell he was home without his wife.
"Well," the son said, "I found out she was a virgin."
The father said, "I don't blame you son, if she
is not good enough for her family, she sure the
hell isn't good enough for ours."

Where learned: MICHIGAN

James Callow Keyword(s): Family values

Subject headings: PROSE NARRATIVE -- Jest Anecdote

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Grandma and Grandpa's Wedding

It all started when my grandma, then Genevieve Witkowski,
asked my great-grandpa for an orange pop. My grandpa, Steve
Jekielek, overheard and decided to bring her the pop himself. That
began a happily-ever-after that culminated in a wartime wedding.
Weddings were hard to arrange during the war because of
rationing and restrictions. However, everyone chipped in to help
by sharing their ration stamps so their food could be used for the
reception. My great-grandpa went up north to get chickens. Others
stood in lines every day to get liquor allotments.
In the end, on May 8, 1943, the group effort resulted in a
Cinderella wedding with everyone enjoying the ball. It meant more,
because it took more.
Forty-nine years, five kids, and 17 grandchildren later, they
have managed to pass down the values that made their wedding and
their lives a success. They have taught two generations that
sharing, caring and chipping in is what makes life worthwhile, and
that even when chicken is sparse, it sure tastes better when it's
shared. And perhaps, even most unique of all, after 48 years, my
grandpa still brings her orange pop.

Submitter comment: This wedding story is very special in our family; next year,
the year of my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary, and my
parents' twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, I will be married so as
to continue this tradition.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; Mount Clemens

James Callow Keyword(s): Family values

Subject headings: PROSE NARRATIVE -- Human Being

Date learned: 00001970S

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