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Dem Bones

OH, the Lord He thought He'd make a man.
Dem bones gonna rise again.
So He took a little water and he took a little sand,
Dem bones gonna rise again.

CHORUS: (repeated after every stanza).
I knowed it, knowed it,
Indeed I knowed Lordy,
I knowed it - Whee!
Dem bones gonna rise again.

Now Adam felt so powerful blue
Dem bones, etc.
He didn't know exactly what to do.
Dem bones, etc.

So the Lord took a rib from Adam's side
And He made Miss Eve to be his bride

He put them in a garden fair.
He thought they'd be most happy there.

There's pears an' plums and that there such
But that there tree you mustn't touch.

Around that tree old Satan slunk
And at Miss Eve his eyes he wunk.

So she took a pick and she took a pull
And then she filled her stockings full.

The next day when the Lord came round
He spotted them cores all over the ground.

Adam says, "I'm left holdin' the sack
Gee, I wish I had my old rib back."

"Adam, you're gonna have to leave this place
And earn your bread by the sweat of your face!"

"Come on, Eve, while we're still sane,
Come on, Eve, let's raise a little Cain!"

So he took his pick and he took his plow
And that's why we're all working now.

That's all there is, there ain't no more
Eve got the apple and Adam got the core.

The moral of this story be
Don't leave no cores for the Lord to see.


Submitter comment:

Miss Damin heard a middl-aged woman sing this song from memory at Ivory Polo Farms, near Detroit, this fall. She asked the lady to repeat it and copied it down just out of interest, but the lady's name is unknown.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; DETROIT ; Ivory Polo Farms

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Ballad Epic
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