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There are seven players involved in this game of 7-up. Each
person is assigned a certain method of bouncing a ball. Three of
the players cover their eyes while the other players throw balls
at them lightly. The object of the game is to determine who threw
which ball. You may distinguish the players by each one's unique
bounce, but if all the balls are thrown at you at the same time,
it is difficult to discern which person threw each ball. When one
of the players is identified, he must sit out until the rest of
the ball throwers are known. Then the last person to be
identified is not "it." This means he gets to be assigned a new
pattern of bouncing the ball and group of individuals who
previously had covered their eyes are assigned ball patterns also.
The individual who had just thrown the balls are now "it."

Submitter comment: There is also another version of this game which was usually
played during indoor recess. Seven students from the class were
selected to stand against the chalkboard. The remaining students
laid their heads on their desks covering their eyes. One person
with head down would count to 30 and then say, "Heads up 7-up."
While this person is counting to 30, the seven people at the
chalkboard would run around the room and tag one person on the
head. The person tagged would then raise their hand, indicating
they had been already chosen. After the seven individuals at the
chalkboard had tagged one person, they were to run back to the
chalkboard as quickly as possible. If the person counting reaches
the number thirty before the people are done tagging the others,
they are automatically out. The person who catches them gets to
go to the chalkboard the next game. Each of the seven people who
have been tagged, get to guess once who tagged them. If they got
it right then they replaced that person at the board. If the
individual guessed incorrectly then the person at the board
remained at their position. In this version one can cheat by
peeking through their fingers.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; Sandusky

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Racing Chasing Fighting
Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Guessing
Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Special Object or Implement

Date learned: 00-00-1959

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