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"Pedovolia" which means "five small objects"

This game can be played both indoors and outdoors but a hard,
relatively smooth floor surface is needed. The game is basically for
young girls but boys can play if they choose to. There is no limit to
the number of players. One player takes five small objects--small
round pebbles are often used. The player then sets four of them on
the floor, throws one stone into the air, picks up one of the four
stones that are on the floor, and then must catch the stone that she
or he threw into the air. If the player is successful in doing this,
she or he continues again throwing a stone into the air, grabbing
another stone off the floor while holding on to the rock that she or
he previously picked up off the ground, and again catching the
falling stone. If one is not successful, it becomes another player's
turn. The object is to see which player can do this for the longest
time. If one player is able to do this four times thus exhausting the
supply of stones, the stones are placed on the ground and then she or
he must throw one stone into the air, scoop two stones in a row up
from the ground, and then catch the falling stone.

Submitter comment: My informant told me that the game is actually more difficult
than it sounds.

Where learned: GREECE

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Special Object or Implement

Date learned: 00-00-1947

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