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This is a drinking game that I first learned during
my high school years. It is usually played with
beer, although any alcoholic beverage may be
substituted. Two or more people are needed in order
to play, with the ideal number of players being four
or five. Players sit in a circle around a table,
such as a kitchen table. A glass of beer is placed
in the center of the table. One player is randomly
selected to begin. The object of the game is to
bounce a quarter against the table and get it to land
in the glass of beer. If the player accomplishes
this task he then selects one of the other players
around the table who must drink the entire glass of
beer in one gulp, being careful of course not to
swallow the quarter. The glass is then refilled and
the same player again attempts to bounce the quarter
into the glass of beer. The game continues in this
fashion until this player does not get the quarter
into the glass. Once this occurs, this player has
two choices: He can end his turn by giving the
quarter to the player on his left; or he can
"Chance-it". This term means that this player is
given a second chance to bounce the quarter into the
glass. If unsuccessful, however, he himself must drink
the entire glass of beer in one gulp. His turn is
now over, and the player on his left tries his luck.
If this first player is able to bounce the quarter
into the glass on his second try, he again selects
a player to drink the glass of beer, and play
continues as before, with player one again trying to
bounce the quarter into the glass of beer. One
additional rule, that I forgot to mention, is if a
player bounces the quarter and it hits the top rim of
the glass (a "Rimmer"), but does not go in the glass,
the player gets another free chance to bounce it in.
Even though there is no true winner to this game, the
losers are the players who drink so much that they
throw up. The game ends either when players choose
to end it, or when there is only one conscious player

Submitter comment: This game provided us with hours of entertainment on
several occasions.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; DETROIT

Keyword(s): Chug-a-lug

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Special Object or Implement

Date learned: 00-00-1984

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