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Peanut Song

I used to sing this song to my children as a lullaby.
"Found a peanut, found a peanut,
Found a peanut just now.
I just now found a peanut, found a peanut just now.
I cracked it open, cracked it open,
Cracked it open just now.
I just now cracked it open, cracked it open just now.
Found it rotten, found it rotten,
Found it rotten just now.
Just now found it rotten, found it rotten just now.
Ate it anyway, ate it anyway,
Ate it anyway just now.
I just now ate it anyway, ate it anyway just now.
Got sick, got sick,
Got sick just now.
Just now got sick, got sick just now.
Called the doctor, called the doctor,
Called the doctor just now.
I just now called the doctor, called the doctor just now.
Died anyway, died anyway,
Died anyway just now.
Just now died anyway,died anyway just now.
Called the preacher, called the preacher,
Called the preacher just now.
Just now called the preacher, called the preacher just now.
Went to heaven, went to heaven,
Went to heaven just now.
I just now went to heaven, went to heaven just now.
Played a harp, played a harp,
Played a harp just now.
I just now played a harp, played a harp just now.
Broke a string, broke a string,
Broke a string just now.
I just now broke a string, broke a string just now.
Went the other way, went the other way,
Went the other way just now.
I just now went the other way, went the other way just now.
Shovelled coal, shovelled coal,
Shovelled coal just now.
Just now shovelled coal, shovelled coal just now.
Burnt my finger, burnt my finger,
Burnt my finger just now.
Just now burnt my finger, burnt my finger just now."

Submitter comment: The simple tune allows the use of almost any repeated phrase.
Substitutions or additions may be used to the meaning. Generally
plays as a camp song therefore allowing everyone to participate by
adding their own verse. Another version of the song that Grace
has heard replaces the lines "played a harp" and "broke a string"
with "met an angel" and "met St. Peter."

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; Camp in Caseville

Keyword(s): HELL

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Ballad Epic
Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Children
Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Cradle song Lullaby

Date learned: 00-00-1956

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