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Brooks Blog

Brooks, Thom.

This blog focuses on the philsophy of law, crime, punishment and politics.

Experimental Philosophy

Nadelhoffer, Thomas (coordinator).

Includes posts from many contributors on experimental philosophies.

Fragments of Consciousness

Chalmers, David.

This blog includes posts on the philosophy of mind and consciousness.

In Socrates' Wake

Cholbi, Michael.

This blog centers on teaching university philosophy, especially ethics and moral psychology.

Knowledge and Experience

Bristler, Evelyn; Hundleby, Catherine; Norlock, Kate; Crasnow, Karen.

Four philosophy professors post on women in philosophy, environmental philosophy, and the philosophy of science.

Leiter reports : a philosophy blog

Leiter, Brian.

Includes news and discussion on issues in philosophy, academia, and academic freedom.

Mormon Metaphysics

Goble, Clark.

This blog focuses on Piercian, Analytic and Continental Philosophy, as well as issues in religion and philosophy.

Non Sequitur

Aikin, Scott; Casey, John; Hilton, Jem; et al..

Logic instructors blog about their take on current news stories.

Practical ethics: Ethics in the news

Philosophy professors from Oxford University discuss ethics relating to events in the news.


Watson, Brandon.

Posts on Christian philosophy.

Splintered Mind

Schwitzgebel, Eric.

Includes posts on the philosophy of mind and psychology.

Think Tonk

Littlejohn, Clayton.

Posts on politics and philosophy.

Thoughts, Arguments and Rants

Egan, Andy; Weatherson, Brian; Jenkins, Carrie; Russell, Gillian; Easwaran, Kenny.

News and opinions on philosophy.

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