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Adventures of CyberBee

This website have lots of ideas for integration of the internet into lesson plans

AT & T Education Knowledge Network Explorer

AT&T Knowledge Ventures.

According the the website, "Our (AT & T)mission is to help schools and libraries acquire and effectively use Internet and videoconferencing technology. We have online lessons and activities that you can easily incorporate into your classroom."

Awesome Library

"Awesome Library organizes the Web with 28,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education."  There is a special "door" for kids or teens to enter to find school related topics or fund and entertainment sites.  


"Bloom's revised taxonomy," Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

This is a chapter from the electronic Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.

Creative Connections Project

Planning a social studies class on another culture? "Travel online to the world region you are studying. Interact with students who live there in English, Spanish or Chinese." You can exchange student art work with students in another country, or listen to music from that country.

Edutopia: Information and Inspiration for Innovation Teaching in K-12 Schools

George Lukas Foundation.

Under Topics, click Technology Integration. Check out articles, media clips, and interviews under The Big List.

Electric Teacher

This is a PhotoDraw tutorial site.  A step by step guide provides help with common tasks.

EPN: The Educational Podcast Network

According to their website: "The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century. "

eSchool News Online

Sign up for a free subscription to eSchool News. Locate technology grants, read how schools are integrating technology into their classrooms, or find the leading education technology providers.  And much more.

From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal

Sign up for a free subscription to this e-magazine and read a variety of articles on technology in education.

History Arts Libraries

State of Michigain.

Jump off page for many State of Michigan websites, such as MeL (MIchigan electronic Library, Michigan Reads!, Teaching Michigan History, Ask a Librarian, Student Activities and Resources, National Historic Landmarks in Michigan and more.

International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE is "dedicated to providing leadership and service to improve teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in K–12 education and teacher education."

Check out Tech Integration under Educator Resources.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

According the website: "Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning."  Check out the Brain Boosters, Puzzlemaker, Science Fair Central and more.

Learning Page...Especially for Teachers

Library of Congress.

The American Memory collection allows access to over 7 million historical documents, photographs, films,  maps, and audio recordings.  The site includes lesson plans and activities. 

MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom

The goal of MarcoPolo is "to provide teachers with thousands of rich, high quality, standards-based lesson plans and resources covering every core K-12 subject, grade level and class period."

Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)

MACUL, established in 1975, is "dedicated to bringing educators from all levels together to share their knowledge and concerns regarding educational uses of computers and technology. "

National Archives

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

The National Archives preserves and makes available valuable governmental records, including  records created by congression as well as the executive and judicial branches, veteran’s affairs. Among other interesting items, listen to informal conversations between the Archivist and famous Americans.

November Learning

Check out the links on Alan November's website.

Office of Educational Technology (OET)

U.S. Department of Education.

"The Office of Educational Technology (OET) is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the Department's educational technology policies, research projects and national technology summits" and supports No Child Left Behind.

Teachnology: The Online Teacher Resource

Find lesson plans, rubrics, printable worksheets, Webquests, games, and more, all for the educator.

WebQuest Portal

From the website, "A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation." Find examples of WebQuests for all grades and all subjects.

Top 20 Websites Teacher Should Start 2010-2011 Year Without

These top 20 websites help most teachers bring technology into the classroom.

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