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Communication Studies Research Guide

Find out where to look for articles, books, websites, and career information on communication studies topics

Audio and Video Production

This list includes books, ebooks, websites and videos on audio and video equipment, techniques, and editing.

Last update: 09-06-2013

Public Speaking

Books, ebooks and websites on public speaking.

Last update: 09-06-2013


This list includesbooks, ebooks, DVDs and websites on and/or guides to produce photographic, audio and vidoe documentaries.  It also includes information on some prominent documentary filmmakers.

Last update: 10-11-2012

Movie scripts

Last update: 04-27-2011

Media Convergence and Consolidation

This list includes articles, books and websites on media convergence, including information on media mergers and deregulation. It also includes information on media convergence as the blurring of lines between different media platforms, such as television shows being broadcast over the Internet. (Created in April, 2007).

Last update: 10-18-2012

African Americans and Film

This list includes books on how African Americans have contributed to films, and how they have been depicted in films. It is not a list of all films that have African American actors, actresses, producers, etc... (Created April, 2007)

Last update: 10-11-2012

Radio Broadcasting

Includes books, videos and audiocassettes about radio broadcasting history and techniques, as well as its influence on culture and politics. Broadcasting equipment and engineering are not included. (Created April, 2006.)

Last update: 07-20-2010

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