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Appraisal of Gifts

The University Library system abides by the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, "Standards for Ethical Conduct for Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Librarians, with Guidelines for Institutional Practice in Support of the Standards, 2d edition, 1992."

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone signals and conversations may disturb others who are researching or studying in the library. When using a cell phone in the library, please observe these guidelines.

Collection Development Policy

This Collection Development Policy establishes minimum selection standards and criteria for evaluating additions to the collection, for assessing the existing collection, and for establishing links to websites in support of the curriculum.

Conference Room Policy

Access, reservation and usage policy regarding the McNichols campus library's conference rooms.

Confidentiality of Library Records

The University Libraries adhere to the stipulations of The Library Privacy Act (Act 455 of 1982) of the State of Michigan which "provides for the confidentiality of certain library records" and protects its patrons from unlawful access to these records.


University and Library policy information with regard to plagarism and copyright information.

Diversity Statement

Commitment to diversity is a responsibility of the library profession and of all faculty, staff, and administrators of the Libraries/Instructional Design Studio.

Gifts & Donations

The University Library system will accept donations of books, journals, or media as well as monetary contributions from individuals, corporations, or private organizations in accordance with the criteria and procedures which follow. This Gifts and Donations policy will be shared with a donor prior to accepting of any gift.

Internet Access

Both the McNichols Campus Library and the Dental Library have public workstations for Internet access; the workstations also have  Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point.

Internet Use Policy

Public Computer Workstations are provided in the Libraries and Instructional Design Studio (Libraries/IDS) to meet the research and educational needs of UDM students, faculty, staff, alumni and affiliates (Jesuits and Sisters of Mercy). Alumni access does not extend to families of alumni. Guests in the McNichols Campus Library have limits on the amount of time and the number of workstations available for their use.

McNichols-Puritan-Livernois Community Council

UDM's commitment to its neighborhood is reflected in its relationship with the McNichols-Livernois-Puritan Community Council (MPLCC). Neighborhood residents have more library privileges than other guest users.

Michigan Social Security Privacy Act

The University Libraries and Instructional Design Studio adhere to the Social Security Privacy Act policy.

National Standards

National library standards including information on the TEACH ACT, PATRIOT Act, freedom to read, and freedom to view.

Research Workstation Use Policy

The libraries provide access to numerous licensed databases, access to the worldwide web, DALNET and other catalogs, and, on some terminals, Microsoft Office. Every effort is made to keep the automation system working 24/7 and all onsite computers at the most efficient level as possible. If you are having onsite problem with equipment, please ask for assistance at the reference desk. If the difficulty is with off-campus access to the online UDM resources, contact the Associate Dean for Public Services (

Reserve Policies & Procedures

Faculty members must either provide the library with a prepared bibliography (author, title, year of publication, and requested period of loan) or submit their requests on the appropriate form.

Rules for Young People in the Library

These rules apply to all young people using the Libraries/IDS facilities and services.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

The University of Detroit Mercy has a commitment to educate, counsel and train all members of the University community about the harm caused when professional relationships are distorted by sexual harassment. It affirms the ethical obligation of each member of the University community to foster learning and maintain an environment free from sexual coercion, intimidation, and exploitation.

Theft/Removal of Library Property

Policy on theft/removal of library materials.

Thesis & Dissertation Submission Policy

Guidelines and instructions for electronic submission of dissertations are located at: Any questions concerning submitting an electronic copy of a thesis should be directed to the Instructional Design Studio personnel in the McNichols Campus Library (313 578-0580).

UDM Records Policy and Procedure Manual

Modern institutions, including colleges and universities, have acknowledged their responsibility to preserve records that document institutional policies, procedures, and activities. They do this for a variety of administrative, legal, financial, and historical reasons. Records of these activities provide guidance to today's administrators, faculty, staff, and students, and insights for researchers of the future.

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