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Active Learning

"Active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content."

— University of Michigan's Center for Research on Teaching and Learning.

The classes in this track will give you strategies to add active learning into any kind of class, both online and offline. You'll also understand the research and best practices behind active learning and learn about specific techniques like flipped classrooms or lecture response systems.

Workshops in this track



Finals, Papers, Projects, Rubrics, Daily Check Ins, journal entries... the type of assessment you give your student matters. Assessments are the place where you and your students receive feedback but not all assessments give the same type of feedback. This track will teach you how to design accurate assessments that can help you determine how well your students are meeting your learning objectives. Additionally, you will learn how to set up and incorporate grading tools like rubrics and the Blackboard grade center into your class to save you time and give your students faster, clearer feedback.

Workshops in this track


Career Development

Are you an adjunct or new faculty member? This track is for you! In this track, IDS partners with tenured faculty and university administrators to address issues, topics, and questions that nearly all university instructors deal with at some point in their career. You'll learn how to put together a teaching portfolio, seek out research funding, and increase your teaching skills in measurable ways.

Workshops in this track


Core Pedagogy

New to teaching or just want to brush up on your skills? This track is designed for those who want to learn the foundational practices behind teaching. By the end of the track you'll have a grasp on instructional best practices, class management, and basic pedagogical practices. In addition to this you'll gain skills in helpful instructional technology and understand how to design course content.

Workshops in this track


Instructional Technology

Detroit Mercy has a broad set of tools available to help you provide your students with better educational experiences both online and in the classroom. Sessions in this track help you familiarize yourself with the various tools we have to offer. You'll also learn how to use these tools effectively to streamline your workflow and keep yourself and your courses organized.

Workshops in this track


Project Based and Group Learning

Project based and group learning has significant, research verified benefits for students. They develop higher order thinking skills by solving complex long-term problems and gain experience that will help them in their professional lives. This track will give you the skills needed to design, implement, assess, and manage a high quality group and incorporate project based learning in your courses and programs.

Workshops in this track


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