Socialization of Faculty-of-Color in Religious Universities

McGriff, Sheryl Ed.D (candidate)

Predominately-White universities including those with a religious affiliation (e.g. Jesuit/Catholic) seek to recruit and retain African American and other faculty of color to support institutional diversity goals. Yet, a tension exists between the need to perpetuate the religious identity of the institutions and the challenge to diversify. Along with mastering normal faculty work responsibilities of teaching, research, and service, faculty of color contend with higher education climates that are not always hospitable. Additionally, those faculty members in predominately-White faith-based institutions may also be accountable for adherence to faith-based missions and associated service. Nascent research on faculty diversity in religious universities in general exists. Research on the experiences of faculty-of-color generally, and on African American particularly, in religious sponsored institutions is non-existent. This poster session will review the research framework of an in-progress qualitative dissertation study.