A Magic Glove Remote Controller for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Chen, Yue, Qingxiao Ni, Jie Li, Chaomin Luo, and Mohan Krishnan

Mobile robots are arousing increasing interest due to their potential for a variety of applications in both civilian and military areas. A Human-Robot Interface (HRI) is an important area that needs to be considered in order to remotely control mobile robots. Interaction with robots will be much more convenient if an HRI is developed that can be used to control mobile robots in a manner that is natural to humans.

In this project, a magic glove that uses a microcontroller is designed and implemented for a robotic vehicle. The system interprets human navigation gestures and transmits them to the robot using wireless communication. The received control commands are then executed by the robot’s computer. The most common commands that would be needed are start up, move forward, turn right, turn left and stop.

A 3-axis accelerometer is employed to detect the motion of human hand. These signals are then interfaced to a microcontroller, which processes the signals and identifies the gesture. Bluetooth communication is used to transmit the commands to the robot. The system has been built and tested in the laboratory and efforts are ongoing to convert this to a prototype.