Attention Level-Controlled Semi-Autonomous Robot

Belanger, John, Preston Robin, and Nizar Al-Holou

Similarly to how cognitive activity levels indirectly control every action our bodies take – this robot is wirelessly controlled through a headset, directly mirroring the headset-wearer’s cognitive functioning via his or her attention levels. This robot is semi-autonomous through its array of onboard sensors, which enable it to actively avoid potential threats.  The onboard computation controlling the robot is implemented by digital logic circuitry using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board. The logic circuitry is designed, tested, and validated through a CAD software package and represented via VHDL code, which is then uploaded to the FPGA board. Tasks for this project’s completion include the following: signal recognition, serial-to-parallel bit stream conversion, bit parsing, pulse-width modulated signal generation, and control logic.