Shawesh,Anas, Cheng Zhang, and Zhiguo Wang

Human safety is acritical issue.In general, people need to have a safe and friendly environment especially in the educational institutions such as the University of Detroit Mercy. In order to to maintain a friendly and safe environment, a gate access control system should be implemented to control and monitor the main gate entrance.The current main gate entrance controlsystem is mostly manual, in some cases thesecurity guards need to walk out of the main guardhouseand write down the car’s license plate number, or issue a visitor pass by filling out temporary pass.

The proposed project will enhance the security andhuman safetyof all individuals inside the campus. The project is developed based on the available technologies to ensure that the application will fit all needs, thus achieving campus safety. This control system has multiple functionalities such as monitoring and checking the status of unauthorized individuals that want to access the campus.Moreover, it has features that allow the security guards to generate temporary passes and report automatically. At the same time, it will improve the vehicle access process and save time for all faculties, staff and students.


Keywords: access control system, monitoring, access process