Primary Care Utilization and Perceived Health Status: A Comparison of Students from Urban and Rural Geographic Areas

Muli, Mary-Jacqueline, Monika Sata, Lingfei Tang, and Kristen Abraham

The present study was completed by students in the Health Disparities Research Coordination Network of the ReBUILDetroit Consortium.  This aspect of the study was designed to assess how perceived health status and healthcare utilization compare between students from rural areas and those from urban areas. Prior studies have shown that rural dwellers are less inclined to utilize primary healthcare and they also tend to have a poorer perceptions of their health than those who live in urban areas. Based on this background information, it was hypothesized that It is expected that students from urban areas will utilize their primary healthcare and will rate their health status as higher than students from rural areas. This poster will include a presentation and discussion of results from online survey questionnaires.