A Color Selective Autonomous Robot System

Patel, Nayan, Ryan Welsh, and Theodore Chase

The primary task of this project was to use an HS12 microcontroller to program the Pioneer 3DX to be able to wander randomly and avoid obstacles that may be present in a given space. This involves developing an algorithm that allows the robot to assess the present situation and respond in an effective manner.  This is accomplished by the use embedded sonar sensors and a Pixy Camera.   The HS12 processor module is an external device that will bridge the communication between the robot and other peripheral devices.  The processor can receive inputted data from the external sensors and output data to the robot’s motors.  This is the brain of the robot and contains all of the algorithms that enable dynamic movement based on the functions.  The algorithms for this contain switching of tasks from a wander mode to a color following mode to reach the goal of looking for the door color codes and plan a path to drive through it autonomously.