The Annotation Process of the Microbacterium Phage: Stagni

Julien, Anna, Elizabeth Moak, Joshua Thomson, and Jacob Kagey

In our research we have went in depth looking at each gene within our given phage, Stagni. We were able to compare our phage to others that have been put into the database. We looked into the start and stop codons and made sure that they were correct. Our research is all based around the fact that we are trying to use bacteriophages to cure bacterial infections. We used Starterator and DNA master to take a closer look at what the DNA within our phage. The phage we are looking into is one that one of our classmate isolated last semester. We were able to go through the entire process of the lives of our phage. We collected them from soil and went through a 20 week process to get it pure and isolated away from all surrounding substances. After we did this we sent it's DNA to a testing center so we can begin the in depth research we have just completed. We now have annotated the genome and corrected anything that we felt to be an error. Our phage will soon be over looked and added into the database.