A Vision Directed Autonomous Robot for Object Collection

Olivares, Gerardo, Amadou Kane, Hengyang Zheng, and Hao Jiang

Combining an NXP HS12 microcontroller and CMU PixyCam with a CrustCrawler Nomad wheeled robot chassis and a CrustCrawler AX12A Smart Robotic Arm, an autonomous robot was developed.  The robot uses embedded programming to function is several different but related modes.  Initially, the robot roams around in a random-walk mode and occasionally switches to an avoidance behavior when it detects obstacles.  When no obstacles are present, the robot will search for a specified colored object.   Once the desired object is detected, the robot navigates towards it and picks it up with its robotic arm.  Once the object has been collected, the robot scans for a color-coded drop-off area -- again using the Pixy camera system.  Finally, the robot places the object in the destination receptacle and starts the sequence all over again.  The fully autonomous robot was programed using the embedded C language.